Reducing Phone Call Interruptions:

How an IVR Can Help Decrease Potential for Error


Give every patient the attention they deserve with cloud-based IVR.


Every time you get interrupted, there is potential for an error. And when dealing with medications, that error can be life-threatening.

With a cloud-based IVR, you can automate manual tasks like prescription refills, orders, authorizations, and queries about store information. With multiple-line capacity and 24-hour service, our IVR enables you to provide quality customer service and increase efficiencies.

Join Digital Pharmacist’s Robert Terrell to learn about our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product. Here’s what we will cover during this live webinar:

  • Difference between an in-store &  cloud-based IVR
  •  Visual voicemail and infinite call capacity features
  • How an IVR can help reduce error
  • Live demonstration of our IVR system