Point of Care Testing in Community Pharmacy

Tips for Executing & Promoting Your POCT Services

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Are you looking for ways to make the most of your Point of Care Testing service? Or maybe you are considering implementing Point of Care Testing but are unsure where to begin? 

Whether you are just getting started or looking for ways to improve and innovate – join us to hear about the evolution of Point of Care Testing (POCT) and the future potential for community pharmacies. Don’t miss your chance to learn about different strategies and digital tools that can help you unlock untapped revenue potential while also elevating your patient care! 

In this session we discuss:
  • What to know about different types of testing & CLIA waivers
  • Ways to drive additional revenue by testing (and treating) patients on-site
  • Integrating digital tools to optimize your POCT workflow and provide patients with self-service options for scheduling appointments
  • Innovative ways to promote your pharmacy services through multiple channels including; social media, IVR, and your pharmacy website


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