DIR Hangover Relief

Tips for Improving Cash Flow & Optimizing Efficiency

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Are DIR changes and declining reimbursements killing your cash flow? 

Join us for an enlightening conversation full of remedies to help you treat the “DIR Hangover” with pharmacy owner and industry innovator, Joe Williams, PharmD. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights on ways to streamline your operations, improve profitability, and generate additional revenue to help you get your cash flow where it needs to be for success through 2024 and beyond! 

In this session, we’ll cover: 

  • Alternative solutions to help you combat the increasing cost of brand drugs
  • Tips for effective inventory management and lowering your cost of goods
  • Ways to generate additional revenue and optimize your clinical services
  • workflow
  • Considerations for Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment & finding plans that work for your patients (and your bottom line)
  • And more! 


Nick Brooke

Head of Revenue
Digital Pharmacist

Joe Williams

Owner and Pharmacist 
MedSmart Pharmacies / Apex Pharmacy Consulting
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