Beyond the Meds

Tips for Holistic Patient Care & Improving Health Outcomes in Your Community 


Are you seeking ways to become a more holistic healthcare destination in your community?

Watch this video to see an inspiring conversation with Ron Wright, co-owner of John’s Creek Pharmacy and certified nutritionist, on his experience opening and running an independent pharmacy that goes above and beyond dispensing medications. Don’t miss out on valuable insights that can help elevate your patient care and position your pharmacy as a trusted provider for your community's health and wellness needs. 

In this session, we cover:

  • Balancing traditional medicine with functional medicine to optimize patient health
  • Implementing clinical services that provide a personalized patient experience
  • Leveraging your pharmacy website to promote your holistic services & products
  • Participating in outreach and advocacy opportunities in your community
  • Spreading education on wellness and nutrition through social media platforms 


Featured Speakers:

Ron Wright

Co-Owner, John’s Creek Pharmacy
Certified Nutritionist

Tori Valigura

Content Marketing Manager
Digital Pharmacist

Watch the Replay