Amazon RxPass & Prescription Drug Subscriptions: What Independent Pharmacies Need to Know 

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Join our host Richard Waithe, PharmD as he sits down with Kyle McCormick, PharmD, owner of Blueberry Pharmacy (an insurance-free independent pharmacy) to discuss a topic that has been top of mind for a lot of pharmacists since Amazon's recent RxPass announcement: prescription drug subscription services and the impacts they are having on the pharmacy industry.

Together, they discuss:

  • The inner workings of prescription drug subscriptions 
  • How a cost-plus business model works
  • Their predictions on what level of impact RxPass will have
  • How independents can take action to ensure future success in an evolving industry
Richard Waithe, PharmD

President, VUCA (a Lumistry Company)

Kyle McCormick, PharmD

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